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Driver Safety News

Driver Safety News

OPINION: Seat Belts

Dick Cochrane experienced every parent’s worst nightmare: His 17-year-old daughter, Salena, was killed in a car accident…Read More »

UPDATE: GM Reports Six Recalls, Cites Varying Safety Issues

General Motors (NYSE: GM) today announced six safety recalls covering 717,950
recent model vehicles in the U.S…Read More »

Texting While Driving Dangers

WASHINGTON – Here is a startling stat for you. The time it takes you to type out one text on your phone driving at a speed of 55 miles per hour is the same as driving…Read More »

Advocates Push for Technology to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Due to the recent death of a toddler in Georgia, who was left in a hot car by his father and the alarmingly high rate of deaths that happen each year…Read More »

Planning Ahead for a Trip During the Dog Days of Summer

Summer weekends can mean long drives, sometimes with pets in the car. Spending a vacation with your family dog or cat can be a rewarding…Read More »

The U.S. Has Quietly Made Some Remarkable Advances in Fuel-Efficiency

In 1975, largely in response to OPEC’s oil embargo against the United States, Congress enacted a new energy law that included provisions to increase…Read More »

Ever See a Dog Hanging Their Head out a Car Window?

Even though they seem to really enjoy it, letting your pet hang their head out the window can be very dangerous…Read More »

Explaining Truck Tire Sidewall Markings

Recently, I was answering truck driver questions regarding tires and wheels on a national satellite trucking radio show…Read More »

Press Room

Press Room

Driving Dynamics President Arthur Liggio to Present at 2014 Fleet Safety Conference in Schaumburg, IL

Newark, Delaware, July 16, 2014 – Arthur Liggio, Driving Dynamics president will present Moving Beyond the Checklist to a Strategic “Blueprint for Safety” at the 2014 Fleet Safety Conference in Schaumburg, IL at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel on Tuesday July 22, 2014 at 3:10 pm. The session will focus on creating a shift … Read More »

Driving Dynamics Wins 2014 Apex Grand Award for Publication Excellence

Driving Dynamics a Preferred Provider of Behind-the-Wheel Driver Safety Training and Fleet Risk Services has Been Honored with an Apex Grand Award for its Aggressive Driving e-Lesson and Two Awards of Excellence for its Newsletter and Safety Videos Driving Dynamics Inc. announced today it has been selected as a 2014 recipient of three APEX Awards … Read More »

The Driver Advantage™ Driver Safety e-Newsletter from Driving Dynamics Reaches Three-Year Milestone

Newark, Delaware, February 28, 2014- Driving Dynamics Inc. announced today its award-winning driver safety e-newsletter, The Driver Advantage, has reached a three-year anniversary. To celebrate the milestone the company has produced a commemorative, full-color magazine-style edition that is available for free to safety, fleet and risk professionals. The publication can be accessed at: This … Read More »

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Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

Avoiding Driver Complacency

Q. Before asking my question, I want to thank you for the information we receive each month through this newsletter. I like the way that the information is delivered; quick and concise with substance. I really like the safety challenges that are in the newsletter.

I deliver product for a company and drive every day. I consider myself an excellent driver – no wrecks, no speeding tickets and I try to be a defensive driver. My question is, what should I be doing as a mature and seasoned driver to get better? Like I stated, I know how to drive and do a pretty good job at it, but sometimes I wonder if I am getting a little bit complacent.

Via e-mail
Neal S.

Crisscrossing Trailer Safety Chains

Q. I have been a long time subscriber to The Driver Advantage e-newsletter, and as a Fleet Manager I try to always stay informed about what is happening in our industry. In your safety tip video on trailer safety last month, I picked up on something that a lot of our drivers do not do: crisscross trailer safety chains.

This technique makes sense to me, and I plan on implementing a policy to cover it. As always, there will be some resistance; do you have any background information I can share with our drivers that will help me get this policy in place? When we implement a policy, I like to have good reasoning behind it.

Ray C.
Fleet Manager

By E-mail

Driver Safety News

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Seasonal Driving Safety Tips

Bus Stop/School Zone Driving Safety Tips At a glance: Twice a day during the school year, sidewalks fill with kids who walk or bicycle to school, or ride the bus. Follow these tips to keep them safe — especially between 3 and 4 p.m., when the most severe school-age pedestrian injuries happen. Look both ways … Read More »

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