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Driver Safety News

Driver Safety News

Vermont Officials: Be Alert to Avoid Moose on the Highway

MONTPELIER – Drivers need to be alert and cautious because moose are on the move, according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. Moose are more likely to be crossing roadways at this time of year, especially after dark or early in the morning as they move from wintering areas to spring feeding locations…Read More »

One in Ten U.S. Bridges in Urgent Need of Repair

More than 63,000 bridges across the United States are in urgent need of repair, with most of the aging, structurally compromised structures part of the interstate highway system, an analysis of recent federal data has found…Read More »

N.H.T.S.A. Investigates 60,000 Chevrolet Impalas for Braking Problem

Based on a single complaint, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating whether the forward-collision warning system on about 60,000 Chevrolet Impalas from the 2014 model year may malfunction and slow or stop the vehicle when a collision is not imminent…Read More »

Sleepy Time Headrest Introduced to the School Bus Industry

CALHOUN, Ga. — The Sleepy Time Headrest was recently welcomed into the school bus industry through School Bus Fleet News…Read More »

GM Restructures Global Engineering Organization; Focus on Quality and Safety

DETROIT – General Motors today announced the restructuring of its Global Vehicle Engineering organization to improve cross-system integration, deliver more consistent performance across vehicle programs and address functional safety and compliance in its vehicles…Read More »

Can a Car’s ‘Black Box’ Data Be Used in Court?

While “black boxes” are most commonly associated with airplanes, you might be surprised to know that most recent car models have a “black box” installed as an event data recorder…Read More »

April is Litter Enforcement Month

WASHINGTON — Tuesday is Earth Day, but April is Litter Enforcement Month and local law enforcement in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. have dedicated the month to vigorously enforcing litter laws…Read More »

Fleet Safety Video Tip: How to Pass Safely

Passing safely requires sound judgment and a solid grasp of the rules of the road. Here is some advice from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles that you may want to pass along to your fleet drivers as a friendly reminder…Read More »

Press Room

Press Room

The Driver Advantage™ Driver Safety e-Newsletter from Driving Dynamics Reaches Three-Year Milestone

Newark, Delaware, February 28, 2014- Driving Dynamics Inc. announced today its award-winning driver safety e-newsletter, The Driver Advantage, has reached a three-year anniversary. To celebrate the milestone the company has produced a commemorative, full-color magazine-style edition that is available for free to safety, fleet and risk professionals. The publication can be accessed at: This … Read More »

DRIVING DYNAMICS Is Honored With Two APEX 2013 Awards of Excellence

Newark, Delaware – The APEX Awards for Publication Excellence organization has announced that DRIVING DYNAMICS is the 2013 recipient of two prestigious awards. These awards recognize the company’s extensive library of Driver Safety Tip Videos in two different categories: Electronic Media and Writing. Since 2011, DRIVING DYNAMICS produces new Safety Tips each month for inclusion … Read More »

DRIVING DYNAMICS Announces Senior Staff Promotions

Newark, Delaware – DRIVING DYNAMICS has promoted Debbie Lodge to Vice President of Client Relations and Stig Nielsen to Director of BTW Training Services. Lodge joined the company in 2009 when it moved its headquarters from New Jersey to Delaware and has been responsible for the development of enhanced, account service processes as well as … Read More »

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Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

Posted Speed Limits

Q. Hello, my name is David D. and I travel about four days per week, averaging 900-1200 miles each week. My question today pertains to the speed limit on the interstates that I travel. Because I cross state lines, I may find myself on a 65 MPH interstate or a 70 MPH interstate. I have always heard that state highway patrol officers will give you 5 miles per hour over what the speed limit is, my question is…is that true or is there some unwritten rule that allows us to drive 5 miles per hour over the posted speed limit?
David D. By E-mail

Tire Manufacturing Date

Q. I have been told that all tires have a manufacturing date stamped on the sidewall. After checking the tires on my pickup and on my wife’s car, I can’t seem to find the manufacturing date. Could you give me some direction as to where I should look, or even if the date of manufacturing really exists on a tire?


Larry G. By E-mail

Driver Safety News

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Seasonal Driving Safety Tips

Bus Stop/School Zone Driving Safety Tips At a glance: Twice a day during the school year, sidewalks fill with kids who walk or bicycle to school, or ride the bus. Follow these tips to keep them safe — especially between 3 and 4 p.m., when the most severe school-age pedestrian injuries happen. Look both ways … Read More »

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