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Driver Safety News

Driver Safety News

Some of the Best Parts of Autonomous Vehicles Are Already Here

Fully automated cars are still many years away. Amid the government activity and potential for social benefits, it’s important not to lose sight of smaller improvements that…Read More »

Smart Traffic Signals Will Help Blind Cross Streets

PITTSBURGH – Smart traffic signals that are designed to improve the flow of traffic also could help pedestrians with visual or other disabilities safely cross streets, or even…Read More »

September Brings Beautiful Colors & Hazards | Fall Motorcycle Riding Tips

As I write this, the first day of autumn is still two weeks away on September 22, but in the far northern tier of states, the colors of fall are already beginning to show. Even…Read More »

After Tragedy, Drag Racer Starts Safe Driving Course for Teens

Doug Herbert is a champion drag racer who has gone over 300 mph.
But in January 2008, a tragedy changed the focus of his life. His son Jon…Read More »

Child Passenger Safety Week 2017
September 17 – September 23

Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children 1 to 13 years old. Many deaths and injuries can be prevented by proper use of car seats, boosters and seat…Read More »

Scammers Take Advantage after Cars Get Flooded in Texas Hurricane

Flood waters are still receding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in southeastern Texas, but it’s apparently never too early for fraud. With hundreds of of thousands of…Read More »

Tesla Bears Some Blame for Self-Driving Crash Death, FEDs Say

It’s been nearly a year and a half since Joshua Brown became the first person to die in a car driving itself. In May 2016, Brown was on a Florida highway in his Tesla…Read More »

US Expected to Update Self-Driving Car Guidelines

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is expected to announce updated safety guidelines for self-driving vehicles Tuesday during a visit to a Michigan vehicle testing…Read More »

Press Room

Press Room

Driving Dynamics Under New Ownership, Positions Company for Growth

Newark, Delaware – Driving Dynamics Inc., a provider of advanced performance driver safety training for fleet-based organizations throughout North America, has announced an ownership change. This news follows the retirement of company founders Bill Buff and Paull Hubbard. “It’s been a true honor to work with these gentlemen. They never deviated from their mission to … Read More »

Driving Dynamics Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence Committed to Fleet Driver Safety

Newark, Delaware — Driving Dynamics Inc. a leading provider of advanced performance driver safety training and fleet risk management services announced that 2017 marks the company’s 30th anniversary. Driving Dynamics was established through the vision of founder Bill Buff, who achieved notable success as a professional race car driver, when he realized that the most … Read More »

Driving Dynamics’ is a 2016 Recipient of Its 9th APEX Award for a Custom Driver Safety E-Lesson Featuring an Interactive Board Game

The award winning “Drive@Best” e-lesson, developed by Driving Dynamics for one of its global fleet clients, addresses common personal challenges drivers face that may affect the mind and body in such a way that safe driving capabilities are not at peak levels. Newark, Delaware – Driving Dynamics Inc. announced today it has been named as … Read More »

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Ask the Experts

Driving Dynamics Acquires the Center for Transportation Safety

Today we want to share with you some very exciting news concerning Driving Dynamics, Inc. and the Center for Transportation…learn about North America’s largest provider of both skills and behavioral-based driver safety training…Driving Dynamics, Inc.

Time… Behind the Wheel

Q. As a Fleet Manager with driver safety responsibilities, I am always looking for some unique information to share with my team. In a recent meeting with my technicians, we were comparing hours worked versus hours driving…and the team realized they are behind the wheel and driving most of the day. I used this information to reinforce our commitment to driver safety training and show them that our ongoing training is necessary.

I like the fact that my team is thinking more about their own personal driving safety and considering how important it is to work safe every-day.

Considering this subject of hours spent working and driving, would you have any information that I could add to our next team meeting?

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Driver Safety News

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Seasonal Driving Safety Tips

Bus Stop/School Zone Driving Safety Tips At a glance: Twice a day during the school year, sidewalks fill with kids who walk or bicycle to school, or ride the bus. Follow these tips to keep them safe — especially between 3 and 4 p.m., when the most severe school-age pedestrian injuries happen. Look both ways … Read More »

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