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Driver Safety News

Driver Safety News

Experts Say That the Time to Winterize Your Car Is Now

WATERBURY – As temperatures continue to drop, we’re inching closer to winter and car experts say now is the time to get your car ready for the winter season…Read More »

U.S. Calls on Automakers to Make Cyber Security a Priority

Automakers should make shielding the electronic and computer systems of vehicles from hackers a priority, developing layers of protection that can secure a vehicle …Read More »

Auto Makers, Google Slam Onerous Calif. Self-Driving Regulations

Auto makers and other tech companies involved in driverless car technology are concerned that California will impose self-driving vehicle regulations that will make rolling…Read More »

Teen Driver Safety Week: What Teenagers and Parents Need to Know

Nearly half of all teens are likely to be in a car crash before graduating from high school, and crashes are the leading cause of death for 15- to 19-year-olds, according…Read More »

Stats Show Nearly 1 in 5 Drivers in US Is Over 65

WASHINGTON (AP) — The government says nearly 1 in 5 drivers in the U.S. is over 65 years old, thanks in part to the aging baby boomer generation and greater longevity…Read More »

Teen Driving Safety Day: Tips for Parents, Students

BILLINGS, Mont. – It’s Teen Driver Safety Awareness Day.
It’s a day to remind parents, teenagers and teachers to think clearly about…Read More »

Self-Driving Cars: Will They Be Safe During Bad Weather?

Adverse weather can be a source of major frustration for motorists, as well as a significant factor in the number of accidents that occur each year on American roadways…Read More »

National Teen Driver Safety Week

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), vehicle accidents are the number one cause of teenage deaths in the United States. When…Read More »

Press Room

Press Room

Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics President, to Speak on Coaching Techniques for Non-Safety Professionals at the at the 2016 Fleet Safety Conference

Newark, Delaware – Driving Dynamics President Art Liggio will present at the 2016 Fleet Safety Conference held at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel in Schaumburg, IL. His session, E-Z Coaching Techniques for Non-Safety Professionals, is scheduled for Wednesday July 20 at 11:30am. In this session, Liggio, a risk and insurance management executive with broad … Read More »

Driving Dynamics Launches New Mobile-Friendly Registration Portal For Its Behind-the-Wheel Driver Safety Training Courses

Driving Dynamics customers can now have their drivers enroll in a behind-the-wheel driver safety course and self-manage their training schedule from Newark, Delaware – Driving Dynamics Inc. announced the launch of a new mobile-friendly website dedicated to facilitating registrations for all of its behind-the-wheel (BTW) driver safety training programs comprising multi-employer/open enrollment, dedicated and … Read More »

Classes Now Being Scheduled for Driving Dynamics’ New Light-Truck & Trailer Safety Training Course

Drivers operating vehicles as part of a job task are governed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) when any one of the following conditions is met: Weight of vehicle or a combination of vehicle and trailer exceeds 10,001 pounds; Vehicle has nine seats or seatbelts; Hazardous material is being hauled. This course balances classroom learning, … Read More »

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Ask the Experts

The Safety Process

Q. Accidents are just going to happen…right?

Although phrased as a question, my management team tends to operate with this type of mindset. I continue to promote the idea that we need to have a formal driver safety program, but this is the type of feedback I receive.

Any advice?

Safety Director

Work Zone Safety

Q. Our company is located in an area where the state is pouring money into roadway repair. And while we are excited about the new construction of the road, the next several months will be tough on our team as we come and go from our workplace. The highway repair and rebuild will cover about six miles on each side of our business, so coming and going will be difficult.

Do you have some information that I can share with my team as we prepare for this construction project?

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Driver Safety News

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Seasonal Driving Safety Tips

Bus Stop/School Zone Driving Safety Tips At a glance: Twice a day during the school year, sidewalks fill with kids who walk or bicycle to school, or ride the bus. Follow these tips to keep them safe — especially between 3 and 4 p.m., when the most severe school-age pedestrian injuries happen. Look both ways … Read More »

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