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Passing Other Vehicles Safely!

Q. Our company is having a Safety Stand Down Day, creating awareness for driver safety on and off the job. One area that I believe could be of interest to our workforce is passing other vehicles on the road; our location is such that most of our workers travel two lane roads each morning and afternoon. Unfortunately they have short stretches of road to make a pass on another vehicle… what precautions should they take before making a pass?

TH – Safety Director

A. Congratulations on creating a Safety Stand Down Day… taking time out of the day to create safety awareness is very admirable.

To address your question concerning passing other motorists on the road, we recommend that the driver identify the following:

  • A safe stretch of road along which you have adequate vision.
  • Consider what is happening behind you. (Is someone else ready to make a pass as well and how does that affect your next maneuver?)
  • A gap into which you can safely return.
  • The relative speed of your own vehicle and the vehicle(s) you intend to pass.

When ready to pass another vehicle, apply an appropriate degree of acceleration to pass safely. Make sure your vehicle is responsive for the passing maneuver. Consider your approach speed and position your vehicle safely prior to, during and after the pass.

Remember, only pass when it is safe and permitted by law.

Thanks for a great question… best of luck to you and your team on the Safety Stand Down Day.

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