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Time to Overtake a Vehicle!

Q. Just a quick question to help me identify best practices for driver safety at our next safety briefing with my drivers:

Passing on the left vs. passing on the right…could you give us some insight on this topic?

Thank you,
JP – Safety Director

A. Thank you for the question.

When preparing to overtake another vehicle on the roadway, the immediate thought is always to pass on the left. This is not only common practice, but it is the law in several states throughout the US.

Passing on the right can be very dangerous as many drivers make lane changes without signaling and unfortunately without checking their mirrors.

Best practice: drive in the right lane, pass on the left…return to the right lane as soon as possible. Being a courteous driver and using all of the available information when making decisions behind the wheel will help you arrive safely at your next destination.

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Ben Langley is the Safety Editor for “The Driver Advantage™”. Ben is a passionate proponent for driver safety education, training and awareness. Continuously submerged in research targeting human behavior and driver safety; Ben initiates creative thinking that is evident in his writings. Ben also develops unique, exciting and results oriented driver safety programs and campaigns. His knowledge and common sense approach to driver safety is wrapped with authentic concern for people. Ben is also the co-found of Safety Wins, Inc. a 501©(3) non-profit organization. The Safety Wins concept of training fleet drivers at NASCAR Race Tracks throughout America was federally and privately funded. Today, Safety Wins, Inc focuses on Teen Driver Safety and continues to use the platform of motorsports to attract attention to their life saving driver safety message. Contact the author

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