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Turn Signals – Please Use Them

Q. Using turn signals should be a basic activity of driving; I believe we could all agree on that. However, I am amazed at the number of drivers who fail to use their signals or use them so late in the turning activity that it is a waste of time.

Using turn signals, and using them correctly should be common practice. What ideas can you share that will help people realize the need to use their turn signal correctly?

JB – Sales Department

A. Thank you for the question.

Utilizing vehicle turn signals is very important when driving. Absent the signal, drivers around you are unaware of your intentions when turning or making a lane change. Turn signals allow the traffic around the driver to adjust their speed or their lane choice. It could also determine the speed of the traffic around the driver as well.

Here are some key points when sharing information about signals in general:

  • The need to alert those around you of your intentions. Signals allow us to communicate with those we share the road with.
  • Timely communication with those on the roadway. Remember, you know what your next move is, the signal is to let others know what move you are planning… a timely signal is important.
  • A signal can prevent motor-vehicle crashes, protecting you and drivers you share the road with.
  • A signal doesn’t give you any special right before you carry out your actions. Be sure your actions can be completed safely.

Thank you,
Ben Langley

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