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Stopped At Traffic Lights!

a good driver per his record), however he scared me with his late braking and constant tailgating at traffic lights.

Following the ride-along, I talked to the driver about the stopping distance at traffic lights and late braking. I am not real sure he understands the concepts of space management when driving, could you provide some points that may help get the message across when stopping at lights.

Mike J – District Manager

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Reducing the Risk of Rear-End Collisions!

Q. Lately, our company has had a number of rear-end collisions, primarily our drivers are being hit by other people. I would like to give our drivers some hope that these crashes could be avoided…any help from you would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Joel L. – Safety / Fleet Specialist

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How Does Your Story End!

This month I would like to utilize this page to challenge you and to share with you some thoughts about Distracted Driving. Whether you manage a large or small group of drivers, or you are a company of one, my sincere hope is that you will take time this month to review your company policy on distracted driving and your own thoughts about distracted driving.

I am afraid that we hear so much about Distracted Driving that we become numb to the dangers associated with this epidemic. Statistics indicate that we have an issue when driving and staying focused, but many people continue to allow distractions to rule within the environment of the vehicle…

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Tip of the Month

Highway Work Zones: Safety Tip

Highway Work Zones: Safety Tip

This β€œOne Second Advantage™β€ Safety Tip will provide you with several useful solutions to reduce the risk of a crash when passing through a work zone. Using these methods can be the difference between arriving at your destination safely or being involved in a collision.

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Driving Dynamics
Driving Dynamics