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Teen Driver Safety Awareness!

Please allow me to share with you something that is very important to me this month on our Ask The Experts Page.

October 21 – 27, 2018 is designated as the next National Teen Driver Safety Week. We would encourage you to share the following message with your family, friends and associates:

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Sunny Mornings!

Q. Just a quick question today from some of my drivers. They are interested in learning what types of things they can do to reduce the risk of a crash when traveling directly toward the sun in the morning hours. Our company has a large fleet of SUVs.

Thanks for your help.

Jim V. – Fleet & Driver Safety Specialist

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Don’t Forget, Lock Your Vehicle!

Q. Thank you for the newsletter each month…we share it with our associates here at work. We appreciate the information each month as we use it during our fleet and safety talks.

We had an unusual circumstance earlier this month; one of our drivers left his vehicle running while he went into a convenience store for just a few moments. When he came back out, his truck was gone. Fortunately, for our company and for him, the truck was recovered about two blocks down the road with no apparent damage or other items stolen.

Needless to say, we have all been alerted to this issue and have begun to lock our trucks when parked.

Do you have any other things that we can share with our team about vehicle theft?

Steve B. – Field Tech

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The Rear-End Collision is the most common type of vehicle crash. One-third of all crashes involving two or more vehicles, almost 2 million annually, are rear-end collisions. Over 85% are caused by a combination of insufficient following distance and driver inattention.

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