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Driver Profile – What Makes a Good Driver?

Q. Our company is working on improving fleet safety and one key area that we are focusing in on is what kind of person should be driving our vehicles. Do you have some basic answers that we could add to our driver profile?

DB – Fleet Manager

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Passing Other Vehicles Safely!

Q. Our company is having a Safety Stand Down Day, creating awareness for driver safety on and off the job. One area that I believe could be of interest to our workforce is passing other vehicles on the road; our location is such that most of our workers travel two lane roads each morning and afternoon. Unfortunately they have short stretches of road to make a pass on another vehicle… what precautions should they take before making a pass?

TH – Safety Director

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Stopped At Traffic Lights!

Q. While conducting a “ride-along” this past month, one of my team members continuously pulled up on vehicles stopped at traffic lights. This person is a great guy, talks about how good of a driver he is (and he is a good driver per his record), however he scared me with his late braking and constant tailgating at traffic lights.

Following the ride-along, I talked to the driver about the stopping distance at traffic lights and late braking. I am not real sure he understands the concepts of space management when driving, could you provide some points that may help get the message across when stopping at lights.

Mike J – District Manager

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Reducing the Risk of Rear-End Collisions!

Q. Lately, our company has had a number of rear-end collisions, primarily our drivers are being hit by other people. I would like to give our drivers some hope that these crashes could be avoided…any help from you would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Joel L. – Safety / Fleet Specialist

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The Parent & Teen Driver: Safety Tip

The Parent & Teen Driver: Safety Tip

This “One Second Advantage™” Safety Tip will provide practical information that will assist you as a parent in developing a safe and responsible teen driver. Being proactive in the life of your teen and their actions behind the wheel can have life saving results.

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