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Eye Technique – the Foundation of Driving Excellence

Q. Within my organization, we have planned a full year of safety campaigns, and this year we have included driver safety. We have also scheduled many of our team members for driver training with Driving Dynamics in Open Enrollment courses.

To help us jump-start our safety campaign, specifically the driving portion, what would you start with in terms of getting the attention of the drivers?


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Emergency Vehicle Etiquette

Q. Hey Driving Dynamics! What’s up with drivers not stopping when an ambulance passes by? Have the rules changed since I started driving, as the majority keep driving as if there is no emergency equipment on the road.  

Thanks boys,

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Direct Supervisor Safety Coaching

This month on the ATE page, we would like to share with you an article written by our CEO, Mr. Art Liggio… The expert information on Direct Supervisor Safety Coaching will help you as you plan and prepare for 2018. Download the article here (PDF version) »

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Tip of the Month

Breakdown: Safety Tip

Breakdown: Safety Tip

This “One Second Advantage™” Safety Tip will provide practical information that will assist you when a breakdown occurs. Being prepared for this type of unexpected event can reduce the frustration and aggravation and more importantly keep you safe during a trying time.

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