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Road Construction – Zipper Merge

Road Construction – Zipper Merge

Q. I would like some information concerning the “zipper merge”. In our area of the country, when road construction signs alert you of a lane closure, it is understood that everyone will merge into one lane. In my mind, I have always believed that the road sign indicated that you should merge as soon as possible. I am now being told by different people that we are supposed to “zipper merge”.

Please help me settle a very heated discussion.

Mark F.
Sales Rep.

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Lunch On the Go!

Q. We are reviewing our fleet safety program and we realize Distracted Driving is a hot topic, as it should be. Our question is about “eating lunch on the go.” Many of our sales people and technicians tell us they just do not have the time to stop and eat lunch… if they are not moving, they have the feeling they are losing ground.

Our new fleet safety policy will address this issue under Distracted Driving…and it will state that the policy does not allow for eating while driving.

Now, we are already being challenged with “what is eating and driving;” is it a donut and coffee, is it a bottle of water and a candy bar? People are taking a simple policy and blowing it up…any suggestions on how to address these “not so flagrant fouls?”

Sandy J.
Safety Manager

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Responsibility – Behind the Wheel

Q. Our company received a complaint about one of our best service technicians and his aggressive driving a few weeks ago. In the past we simply reviewed the details with the driver and manager, but then just moved past the complaint and went on our way with business as usual.

With the New Year just beginning, I would like to change the way we handle this type of situation. Do you have some recommendations for aggressive drivers?

Safety Director

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Quick Reminders – Winter Driving

Q. On a regular basis I send out little reminders to my associates…reminders that driving safe is important, not only for the company, but more importantly for their own safety and health.

I am working on my winter “reminders”…do you have a few items I could share with my team in the next couple of weeks as we prepare for the cold and the snow?


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Tip of the Month

Distracted Driving – The Mind’s Eye: Safety Tip

Distracted Driving – The Mind’s Eye: Safety Tip

This “One Second Advantage™” Safety Tip will help you understand how cell phone calls dramatically reduce the amount of information your brain is able to process to safely operate your vehicle.

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