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The Most Common Motorcycle Crash!

Q. What is the most common motorcycle crash? And how do we avoid it?

The most common motorcycle crash…
A car turns left in front of the motorcyclist. The driver of the vehicle fails to see the motorcycle or may judge their speed incorrectly, turning in front of the motorcycle at an intersection. Blame inattention, distraction, blind spots and even psychology; a driver looking for cars perceives merely an absence of cars, not the presence of a motorcycle.

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A Wet Spring!

Q. In our part of the country, we are experiencing a tremendous amount of rain this Spring. I have alerted my team about several specific hazards associated with driving during the rain storms and we are all working hard to stay safe.

We have reviewed items such as having good windshield wipers, lights on during the rain, slowing down and creating space, signaling our intentions of braking or turning even earlier than we normally would; items I believe are important.

Do you have any other talking points that really stick out as potential problems during the rain storms?

ML – EHS Specialist

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Retaliated – Almost!

Q. When driving from one appointment to the next this week, I was traveling in the right hand lane and was passed by someone who used the “turning lane” on my right side to pass me. This person was behind me, and could easily see that traffic was moving slow. As always, I left enough space to see the rear tires of the person in front of me, and as I did this, the person passed me and slid into the minimal gap that I had left for a safety zone.

Being a safe driver has always been something that I take pride in, however, at that moment when this person made such a reckless move, it took every ounce of restraint not to pay him back in some form or fashion.

Ultimately I stayed in my lane and let the situation dissipate, but only because I couldn’t retaliate without hurting my own car.

My question, what can we do about the “bone-headed” people who are on the streets today that have no respect for fellow drivers?

Jeff H. – Sales and Technical Services

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Tip of the Month

Sharing the Road with Motorcycles: Safety Tip

Sharing the Road with Motorcycles: Safety Tip

Driving in close proximity to motorcycles can create special challenges. Having the confidence in your own ability to safely navigate the roadway with them is largely dependent upon your increased awareness of their presence. This “One Second Advantage™” Safety Tip will help you understand preferred, proven techniques to identify nearby motorcycles and how to safely share the road with them.

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