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Driving While Distracted: Which Countries Have Toughest Laws?

(CNN) – If you are caught using a handheld device while driving in the United Kingdom — whether it’s for talking, texting, taking video or anything else — your…Read More »

The Top Car Safety Tech and Apps to Keep You Safe on The Road

There’s a lot of hype around self-driving cars and their ability to prevent accidents, save lives and free up people’s time. And while their widespread use is still many…Read More »

Move Over When Emergency Vehicles Are on the Roadside — It’s the Law

Last week, once again, one of our law enforcement officers was injured doing his job. A Florida Highway Patrol officer was critically injured on the Dolphin Expressway…Read More »

12 Car Features You Have to Be At Least 40 To Remember

Spending time around older cars, you realize that there were a lot of common items that anybody under the age of 25 hadn’t experienced unless they drive old cars on…Read More »

Research on Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving is a form of impaired driving that negatively affects a person’s ability to drive safely. Most people associate impaired driving with alcohol or drugs, but in this…Read More »

Sleepy Behind the Wheel? Some Cars Can Tell

It’s something that many of us have experienced while driving, though we may not like to admit it…Read More »

Growing Number of States Fine Slowpoke Drivers in Highway Fast Lanes

Maybe you’re a bit of a lead-foot. Maybe you don’t like driving behind trucks. Or maybe you just really like the view from the left lane. Well, an increasing number of…Read More »

Keep St. Patrick’s Day Safe: Designate a Driver

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches and the Irish and Irish wanna-bes prepare to celebrate the holiday, officials with the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety are hoping…Read More »

Drowsy Drivers Maybe on the Road After Daylight Saving Time

RICHMOND, VA (AAA) – An hour of sleep was lost over the weekend in exchange for extended daylight hours, as Daylight Saving Time officially began at 2:00 a.m…Read More »

Their Invention Could Save Lives. You Can Help Them

A group of middle-school students from Snowflake, a small town about three hours northeast of Phoenix, has created an invention so useful it landed them a spot as a top 10…Read More »

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Distracted Driving – The Mind’s Eye: Safety Tip

Distracted Driving – The Mind’s Eye: Safety Tip

This “One Second Advantage™” Safety Tip will help you understand how cell phone calls dramatically reduce the amount of information your brain is able to process to safely operate your vehicle.

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