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Here’s How to Avoid Wrecking Your Car During the Eclipse

The last time a total solar eclipse crossed the US coast to coast, there were only 6.2 million registered motor vehicles in the entire country, according to the Federal…Read More »

Driver Refresher Class Reaps More Than Monetary Benefits

CARS.COM — We’ve written about the financial benefits of taking a driving class geared toward older drivers. But we wondered: Are there other…Read More »

Researchers Create Dataset to Analyze Distracted Driving

(UPI) – Researchers at the University of Houston and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute have developed an new dataset to study drivers’ reactions to distractions…Read More »

States, Routing Firms Prep Truckers for Solar Eclipse Traffic Nightmare

With the first total solar eclipse to reach the continental United States since 1979 taking place on Aug. 21, warnings of heavy traffic disruptions have been issued in recent…Read More »

Some California Truck Drivers May Not Be Allowed to Rest as Often If This Federal Bill Becomes Law

After half a century driving semitrucks, Charles Oaks, 71, developed a strategy to stave off fatigue during 14-hour days on the road…Read More »

Travelers Experts Share Traffic Accident Trends

Traffic accident deaths rose eight percent in 2016. This is the largest increase we’ve seen in 50 years. EHS Today talked to two experts at Travelers to hear what…Read More »

As Robots Take the Wheel, Driving Skills May Hit the Skids

Driver-assist technology that keeps cars in their lanes, maintains a safe distance from other vehicles, warns of unseen traffic and slams the brakes to avoid rear-end…Read More »

Loss Motivates a Wyoming Man to Bring Attention to School Bus Safety

BOISE– Dan Sperry lost his step-daughter in a tragic accident when a driver failed to stop after a school bus put its arm out. Now, he travels around the West at the…Read More »

5 Tips to Help Motorcyclists Avoid Accidents

Driving a motorcycle is a satisfying way to get around as well as a way to enjoy the open road. Even working on a motorcycle has its charms, as fans of “Zen and…Read More »

A Warning to Leave Your Feet on the Floor and off of the Dashboard

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. — For many schools in our area, last week marked the end of summer vacation…Read More »

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Driving in Hot Weather: Safety Tip

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