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The Most Important Safety System In Your Car Is Your Seat?

Vehicle safety all starts with the seat you are sitting in.
The single most common injury to people riding in a vehicle is neck sprain and…Read More »

Waymo Has Taken the Human out of Its Self-Driving Cars

Eight years after launching its self-driving “moon shot,” Waymo, a k a Google’s driverless car company, is having its Neil Armstrong moment…Read More »

Hurricane Harvey Cars Making Their Way Into Colorado

DENVER – Hurricane Harvey did not hit Colorado in August, but it is now. Not with rain, but with flooded cars…Read More »

Introducing Autonomous Vehicles Sooner Could Save Hundreds of Thousands of Lives

Autonomous vehicles should only have to be moderately better than human drivers before being widely used in the United States, an approach that could save thousands…Read More »

Could New Car Tech Stop Terrorists’ Vehicle Attacks?

In the wake of car- and truck-based attacks around the world, most recently in New York City, cities are scrambling to protect busy pedestrian areas and popular events. It’s…Read More »

Night Driving

When the sun goes down, extra dangers arise on the road. From compromised visibility to impaired drivers, there are plenty of hazards to watch out for…Read More »

Winter Driving Safety: Snow Falls and You Slow Down

The long line at the local auto body shop isn’t just for oil changes, it’s for winter tires too. With temperatures dropping and leaves soon to follow, it’s time for a refresher…Read More »

This New Airbag Will Make Sure You Don’t Get Tossed Out Of Your Car’s Sunroof

South Korean automotive supplier Hyundai Mobis has developed a new airbag that aims to prevent vehicle occupants from flying out of their cars’ sunroofs during…Read More »

4 Halloween Driving Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

There’s a lot of information instructing children to be safe during Halloween. However, with pedestrian-vehicle collisions being four times more likely on Halloween, it’s…Read More »

Claims of Ford Fusion Steering-Wheel Problem Prompts Federal Safety Investigation

U.S. auto-safety regulators have launched an investigation after receiving three reports claiming that a steering-wheel fastening bolt became loose in some models…Read More »

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Proper Parking & Backing: Safety Tip

Proper Parking & Backing: Safety Tip

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