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Costs of Distracted Driving Warrants Change in Perspective

AT&T’s “The Unseen” commercial is quite spine-chilling. The video, featuring a father who drops his daughter off at a pool, places a boy in the backseat of the dad’s…Read More »

Mother Posts Picture of Totaled Car Next to Unharmed Child Car Seats to Promote Seat Belt Safety

A photo posted to Facebook of a completely totaled vehicle is being used as a chilling reminder to always make sure you and your children have seat belts on…Read More »

Accidents Drive Home Message of Safety Near Tracks

Every three hours, a person or vehicle somewhere is struck by a train. On Saturday, that somewhere was Saratoga County…Read More »

The Bad Drivers Around Your Kid’s School

Earlier this year, the driver analytics company Zendrive found that an appalling 88 percent of people use their mobile phones while driving, and a cursory look around the…Read More »

North Dakota Game and Fish Department : Motorists Warned to Watch for Deer

Motorists are reminded to watch for deer along roadways this time of year because juvenile animals are dispersing from their home ranges…Read More »

Cooler Fall Temps Have You Itching to Jump on a Motorcycle? Read This First…

PHOENIX – Fall has officially arrived in Arizona, and for thousands across the state, the cooler weather means it’s time to dust off the Harley…Read More »

Trucking Warms to Technology

Long considered a cautious industry when evaluating new technology, trucking’s reputation may be changing. Executives with fleets and technology suppliers agreed there…Read More »

Some of the Best Parts of Autonomous Vehicles Are Already Here

Fully automated cars are still many years away. Amid the government activity and potential for social benefits, it’s important not to lose sight of smaller improvements that…Read More »

Smart Traffic Signals Will Help Blind Cross Streets

PITTSBURGH – Smart traffic signals that are designed to improve the flow of traffic also could help pedestrians with visual or other disabilities safely cross streets, or even…Read More »

September Brings Beautiful Colors & Hazards | Fall Motorcycle Riding Tips

As I write this, the first day of autumn is still two weeks away on September 22, but in the far northern tier of states, the colors of fall are already beginning to show. Even…Read More »

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Avoiding Large Animals: Safety Tip

Avoiding Large Animals: Safety Tip

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