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Pulled over for Speeding? Here’s a State Trooper’s Perspective

Mike Conlin was working and in a hurry, so he was speeding as he drove south on Interstate 35E. Unfortunately for Conlin, Jack Tiegs was waiting in the freeway median right where the speed limit dropped from 70 mph to 60. The veteran state trooper clocked Conlin at 77 mph, turned out of the median … Read More »

Four Examples of How Undetected Vision Problems Affect Driving

When you get a driver’s license, it’s standard to undergo a “vision test” that uses a Snellen eye chart. However, this approach does not capture the types of undetected vision problems that can have a serious impact (I hate to use that word in this context) when driving. Undetected vision problems usually involve some type … Read More »

Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Winter

Car Care Tips from the Pros Prepare You for Fall and Winter Driving It’s foolhardy to head out in a poorly maintained vehicle in the dead of winter, of course, but even vehicle owners in temperate zones need a car care check as the days grow shorter, note the pros with the nonprofit National Institute … Read More »

Tip of the Month

Managing Your Speed: Safety Tip

Managing Your Speed: Safety Tip

This “One Second Advantage™” Safety Tip, employing our simple, safe driving time management technique will help you take control of your day and eliminate the urge to speed.

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Driving Dynamics
Driving Dynamics