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Move Over. It’s the Law

Get the Facts: Move Over. It’s the Law. Learn these facts about the “Move Over” law so you can do your part to protect those who protect you. It’s not just a law-it’s the right thing to do. Q1) I’ve never heard of the “Move Over” law – what is it? A1) Laws vary from … Read More »

Trauma Season and the Perils of Summer Driving

What is the most dangerous season to drive? In one national survey, 83% Americans interviewed said that the riskiest time to be out on the road is winter. Intuitively, this statement appears to make sense. After all, a snowstorm or a heavy rainfall seems to call for much more driving caution than a sunny day … Read More »

AAA to Rescue 7 Million During Summer Driving Season

This summer, AAA expects to rescue 7 million American drivers, with the majority facing battery, lock and tire-related issues. This number could soar higher, with a AAA survey revealing that 4 out of 10 American drivers are unprepared for emergency breakdown situations. With three-quarters of family travelers planning to travel by car to their favorite … Read More »

Tip of the Month

Anti-Lock Braking Systems: Safety Tip

Anti-Lock Braking Systems: Safety Tip

This “One Second Advantage™” Safety Tip will provide you with valuable information that will detail the proper technique to use during an emergency stop in a vehicle equipped with the Anti-lock Braking System. Using this technique can be the difference between arriving at your destination safely or being involved in a collision.

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Driving Dynamics
Driving Dynamics