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Safety Library

How often do you find yourself wishing you had access to a single, comprehensive reference resource delivering expert knowledge and best practices on safety issues to help you make better informed decisions and analysis? If you find yourself in this situation, then, “The Fleet Safety Library” is the perfect reference tool you have been looking for!

Brought to you by DRIVING DYNAMICS, North America’s preferred provider of corporate driver safety training and fleet risk management, this valuable, online resource tool can be the first place you look whenever you need answers to everyday questions on a broad range of safety topics plus risk management, governmental compliance as well as general business practices.
Extensive Fleet Safety Categories & Reference Resources

Don’t guess … be sure! This is your opportunity to be the fleet safety subject matter expert in your organization.

The Fleet Safety Library, with over 30 Categories and close to 1,000 Reference Resources, is a secure, online service that contains dozens of topic sections, hundreds and hundreds of fleet safety reference items all at your finger tips. Now we can help you make timely, informed decisions as our subject matter experts are constantly searching and updating your Library with new content to make sure you have the latest thinking for whatever subject you are working on.

Safety Library


Automotive Law
Commercial Carriers
Commercial Drivers
Crash Tests
Defensive Driving
Driver Age
Driver Distractions
Driver Drug Testing
Driver DWI
Driver Fatigue
Driver Logs
Driver Manuals
Driver Medical Fitness
Driver MVRs
Driver Rage
Fleet Costs
Fleet Policies
Hazmat Transport
Motor Vehicle Laws
Motorcycle Safety
Pedestrian Safety
RV Safety
Traffic Research
Trucking Safety
Vehicle Accidents
Vehicle Airbags
Vehicle Inspections
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Safety
Vehicle Safety Programs

And much more!

Subject Matter Resources

Here’s a sampling of some of the subject matter that is available to subscribers:

  • Accident Reconstruction DMV Laws & Regulations
  • Hazmat Transportation Requirements
  • Driver Training
  • Prototypes of Fleet Policies & Safety Programs
  • Medical Exam Requirements
  • Loss statistics
  • Research Studies
  • Carrier Safety Ratings
  • Vehicle Crash Worthiness Data & Other Fleet Safety Databases
  • DOT Substance Abuse Testing Requirements & Program Materials
  • DOT Regulatory Requirements
  • How to Evaluate Motor Vehicle Records
  • Driver Selection Criteria
  • Guidance on MVR Point Systems
  • Field Manuals on Traffic Operations
  • Vehicle Accident Investigations
  • Driver Manuals
  • Motor Transport Operations
  • CDL Manuals
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Rules of the Road
  • Pedestrian Safety

And hundreds more!

For Example: “Cell Phone and Driving”

Do you have an interest in this timely and important topic? Would a white paper be of interest to you? It’s available in our Library along with dozens of other related topics!

As Your Information Needs Grows … We’re Right There With You!

Our librarians take the time to dig deep to find those materials that are hard to find … then keep track of them as they are reworked and updated. Not only do we continuously search the internet for new material, we also eliminate outdated material to make sure you have the most current resources available.

Save Time … Save Money

Have Immediate Access to Critical Information That Will Help You Manage Your Fleet Safety Needs

Frankly, our subscribers just don’t have the time to do this for research for themselves. Instantly … dozens of topic sections, hundreds and hundreds of reference items all at your finger tips. Let us help you make timely, informed decisions as we are constantly searching and updating our Library with new content to make sure you have the latest thinking for whatever subject you are working on.

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