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9 Holiday Travel Safety Tips for Your Next Getaway

1. Prepare your home for optimum safety while you’re away. If you have a security system installed in your home, ensure that it is working properly, including all alarms, motion detectors, cameras, and other monitoring equipment. Check with your alarm monitoring company for any last-minute safety tips for your security system. If you have a … Read More »

Just When We Thought We Were Making Progress: Crash Stats

In 2003 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published the report, “What Do Traffic Crashes Cost? Total Cost to Employers by State and Industry,” which identified, among other vital statistics, the average cost employers incurred with each vehicle crash. Funded by NHTSA, the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) released “Cost of Motor … Read More »

Keep The Kiddos Safe: 7 Things To Remember When Driving In And Around School Zones

School zones are put in place to ensure the safety of children in and around schools. While class is in session, drivers are responsible for maintaining safety and awareness on the streets surrounding schools. All children should be able to walk or bike to and from class without fear of being hit by passing vehicles. … Read More »

What Are the Odds

The odds of being struck by lightning in the U.S. in any given year is about one in 700,000 – with a 90% chance of survival. The odds of being a victim in a shark attack are around one in 11 million – with a 98% chance of survival. With over 6 million automobile accidents … Read More »

10 Surprising Summer Vacation Safety Tips

Summer safety tip 1: Drowning is quiet. Everyone thinks that people who are drowning yell, thrash and splash. They don’t. Drowning doesn’t look like drowning, as former Coast Guard rescue swimmer Mario Vittone explains. People in serious distress lose their ability to call out for help or wave. Instead, their instinctive drowning response causes them … Read More »

A Word on Sharing the Road from This Two-Wheeled Weekend Wanderer

I had reached a certain age; grown the requisite over-sized waistline (I’m being kind to myself) and now sported a graying beard. Like tens of thousands before me sharing these similar traits, I purchased my first motorcycle. Go figure! And I have to say I’m enjoying the heck out of my weekend rides. Recently, I … Read More »

Facts & Statistics About Texting & Driving

Every year in the U.S., almost a half million people are injured or killed in traffic accidents attributed to the combination of texting and driving. The statistics are shocking, especially in view of the fact that this danger could be completely avoided. With the latest statistics available as of 2018, in 2015, according to statistics … Read More »

You Too Can Be Signal Superhero: Reduce Incidents and Save Lives with the Power of One Finger

For those of you who do not know me too well, I am incredibly mighty and powerful. As a matter of fact, I can state unequivocally I can outperform most people simply with the use of one finger—no not that finger! I’m talking about the all-powerful index finger on my left hand. Just to be … Read More »

Pulled over for Speeding? Here’s a State Trooper’s Perspective

Mike Conlin was working and in a hurry, so he was speeding as he drove south on Interstate 35E. Unfortunately for Conlin, Jack Tiegs was waiting in the freeway median right where the speed limit dropped from 70 mph to 60. The veteran state trooper clocked Conlin at 77 mph, turned out of the median … Read More »

Four Examples of How Undetected Vision Problems Affect Driving

When you get a driver’s license, it’s standard to undergo a “vision test” that uses a Snellen eye chart. However, this approach does not capture the types of undetected vision problems that can have a serious impact (I hate to use that word in this context) when driving. Undetected vision problems usually involve some type … Read More »

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Pedestrian: Safety Tip

Pedestrian: Safety Tip

This “One Second Advantage™” Safety Tip will provide you with simple techniques to maintain situational safety awareness to make your next walk both enjoyable and safe.

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