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Behind-The-Wheel Advanced Performance Driver Safety Training

Open Enrollment Schedule

Founded in 1987, DRIVING DYNAMICS is a leader in corporate driver training. Our unique results-oriented, highly effective approach to driver training enables fleetbased operations to achieve and sustain substantial reductions in accident rates, in some cases as much as a 60% rate reduction. On any given day, DRIVING DYNAMICS is conducting multiple Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) training programs, instructing students online, providing one-on-one training and helping businesses evaluate their fleet safety needs throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and beyond.

Download the Open Enrollment Schedule Download the Open Enrollment Schedule


The DRIVING DYNAMICS course utilizes the theory that 90% of crashes can be avoided when the driver has just one more second to react and knows what to do with that additional one second. The course focuses on development of the three basic fundamentals of driving, each alone can give the driver that needed one second: eye technique, braking technique, and steering technique. These fundamentals are stressed both in the classroom through cognitive recognition and in specific driving exercises through practice and repetition, in a progressive manner.

During driving exercises, students put into practice the lessons learned in the classroom on vehicle safety, vehicle dynamics, maintenance, and skid control. These exercises include learning the proper use of the eyes while driving, braking and stopping during normal driving, as well as use of ABS for emergencies. Emergency lane change, accident avoidance and skid control are also learned through individual exercises. By the conclusion of a program, the driver has been taught and has practiced the skills required to be a safer, more proficient driver.


DRIVING DYNAMICS is equipped with resources to conduct BTW driver training in over two hundred locations in over 50 major markets throughout the U.S. Canada and Puerto Rico on a regular basis. These classes are held in hi-tech, state-of-the-art mobile classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with multimedia presentation capabilities, as well as a generator for electrical power, heat and air conditioning, restrooms and running water. All of the equipment and supplies required to set up the driving course, as well as the DRIVING DYNAMICS’ Patented Slide Car are carried within the trailer when traveling.

Mobile Classroom



Safety Study


  • One day courses held in over 50 major markets each year
  • Multi-day training opportunities in each market at least twice a year


  • Time away from work is minimized
  • Majority of US fleet drivers are within 90 minutes of training sites


  • Enroll one driver or dozens

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Driving Dynamics