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DRIVING DYNAMICS Introduces Xtracare© – a New Driver Safety Training Assurance Program for Corporate Fleets

Orlando. FL – Today at the 2009 Risk and Insurance Management Society’s annual conference, Paull Hubbard, president of DRIVING DYNAMICS, introduced the company’s latest innovation in driver risk management services, Xtracare©.

An industry first, Xtracare© has been designed to assist fleets in further lowering their crash rates by providing significant tuition credits for those drivers who demonstrate at-risk activities when behind-the-wheel. Eligible drivers will attend a one day, behind-the-wheel training course specifically designed to improve driver safety awareness and performance. In addition to providing key, advanced safety skills through this training, the curriculum also includes a ride-along risk assessment and coaching segment conducted by a certified DRIVING DYNAMICS instructor to further improve critical areas of driving performance. This training program will be made available all across North America each year so drivers can be retrained in their local areas.

According to Mr. Hubbard, “We see many fleets, because of financial and time constraints, approach driver training as a ‘once and done’ method. Unfortunately, the real world shows us that each person has different learning capabilities and, in many cases, a portion of trained drivers need to receive additional training before they really become proficient using advanced, safe driving techniques. Our extensive North American training footprint combined with Xtracare© will help fleets eliminate these obstacles and ultimately improve driver
safety records and deliver additional ROI to management.” Details on this innovative driver safety assurance program can be requested at:


DRIVING DYNAMICS is a world leader in the field of Advanced Driver Training and Driver Risk
Management. Its unique and highly effective approaches to behind-the-wheel driver education and webbased learning have helped many major companies achieve very significant reductions in their accident rates. Current clients include some of North America’s best-known Fortune 500 corporations and fleet management companies. In addition to delivering specialized courses at client locations, DRIVING DYNAMICS provides behind-the-wheel training each year to thousands of drivers across North America though its Open Enrollment program conducted in over 50 major metropolitan areas. Founded in 1987, Driving Dynamics is headquartered in Little Silver, NJ. For additional information, go to

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