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Driving Dynamics Veteran Stig Nielsen Steps into New Management Position Focused on Instructor Development in Support of the Company’s Expanding Portfolio of Services

Newark, Delaware – Driving Dynamics, Inc., a provider of advanced performance driver safety training and fleet risk management services, announced today that 18-year company veteran Stig Nielsen has been named manager, field development and technical advisor, a new role established to support the company’s growth strategy.

During the last two years, Mr. Nielsen has served as the company’s director of training services where he managed a U.S. and Canadian team of behind-the-wheel instructors and oversaw the development and logistics for all training services. Stig began his career with Driving Dynamics in 1997 as a field instructor and was then promoted to tour manager before rising to the director position.

According to Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics president, the organization is in a period of growth and transition, and as a result of the company’s expanding portfolio of training services, Mr. Nielsen identified a need for a dedicated development manager to oversee ongoing instructor training for current and new product rollouts. As the new manager, field development and technical advisor, a role which he shaped, Stig will provide in-person training, coaching and performance reviews for Driving Dynamics’ team of behind-the-wheel instructors. In partnership with the new director of training services, he will consult on matters regarding curriculum development, equipment design, course scheduling, expense control and logistical planning.

“Stig is as an important component of our bench strength and I’m excited for the opportunity to better leverage his safety training expertise and deep understanding of our services and personnel. I admire his foresight to envision a role that reflects his dedication to the quality of our instructional team and backs our commitment to provide exceptional capabilities to stay safe behind-the-wheel,” said Art Liggio.

Mr. Nielsen makes his home in both Las Vegas, Nevada and Copenhagen, Denmark, dividing his time between the two residences. He is a longtime motorsports and car enthusiast. It was his passion for road racing as both a driver and instructor that first brought him to Driving Dynamics and allowed him to use is professional driving knowledge to improve safe driving skills.

Stig was a 12-year member and 10-year instructor for of the BMW Automobile Club of America serving as a board member for one year. [This organization was merged with the current BMW Car Club of America.] He was a member and served as the turn marshal for the Sports Car Club of America from 1978-1983. Over the years he attended a number of racing schools, including the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, the Jim Russell Racing School and the Skip Barber Racing School. Stig was also part of the racing series at the Jim Russell and Skip Barber programs, both located at Riverside International and Laguna Seca Raceways in California.

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Driving Dynamics is North America’s preferred partner in the field of advanced performance driver safety training and fleet risk management. Its unique and highly effective approach to behind-the-wheel driver education, web-based learning and driver risk management has helped numerous fleet-based organizations achieve significant reductions in their crash rates. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Newark, Delaware, Driving Dynamics has exclusive rights in North America to use its Controlled Slide Car (US Patent 5823288) at training programs conducted in 55 major markets at more than 200 training sites. Register for a free subscription to The Driver Advantage e-newsletter at For more information about Driving Dynamics visit Follow us on LinkedIn.

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