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Distracted Driving – The Mind’s Eye: Safety Tip

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Has this ever happened to you? You go out to your vehicle; unlock the door; start the engine; drive off; and 20 minutes later, when you arrive at your destination … you can hardly recall what happened during your ride!

Yet, perhaps during this ride you were checking directions, enjoying a sandwich, using your music player, talking on the phone and navigating through rush hour traffic.

So was your mind’s eye actively focusing on traffic and road conditions or was it distracted by these other activities? This form of distracted driving is a serious safety challenge for today’s drivers and puts everyone at risk. This unwitting loss of critical information is called “Inattention Blindness” and studies show that this regularly occurs when drivers are engaged in phone conversations.

This “One Second Advantage™” Safety Tip will help you understand how cell phone calls dramatically reduce the amount of information your brain is able to process to safely operate your vehicle. Using the very latest research findings, this tip will show you what challenges a driver faces when using a cell phone.



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